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Spring 2022 Color Trends


  Spring 2022 Color Trends,
                                     By: Deon C. Jefferson

It's hard to believe that 2021 is almost over. In Bridal, one of the most exciting seasons we celebrate is Spring. It's only right that we bring to you all the Spring color trends so you can better assist your bridal parties. Gone are the days of traditional bridesmaid colors. The trend of letting your bridesmaid pick their dress is still extremely popular. Brides are also letting the bridesmaid pick their own color, as long as it fits within their color palette for the overall wedding. Here are our top five colors for next Spring.

Orchid is one of the first colors we want to introduce. This color can also be called Light Purple or Violet. Brides tend to use Purple because it screams royalty. The beauty about this color is that bridesmaids can wear this color on their dress, use it in their bouquet, or as eyeshadow. Joanne Thomas, who is the Head of Content for Color thinks that "In a challenging time, this Saturated Magenta tone will be a great way to create a sense of positivity and escapism."

Olive is another really interesting color to play with. In bridal, Olive is not one of the colors that is widely used, but it's showing up everywhere in fashion. The color Green can be seen as soothing, fresh, and youthful. In the health field, Green is used for Mental Health. Studies have shown that the color Green can be used to help with anxiety and nervousness. So, not only will it look good on your bridal party, it will also help keep everybody calm on the day of the wedding. Olive Green will compliment all skin tones and flatter a variety of body types.

In the Fall of 2020, the color Butter was trending, and it hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. Butter is popping up on several runways for Spring. We've seen it being used by major RTW designers like Simon Porte Jacquemus and Daniel Lee. Butter can also be viewed or styled in your accessories if used as a neutral color. Some shades of Butter can lend itself to nude, which blends well with a variety of colorways. Butter can be used in items like decorative fans, vintage Victorian parasols, or stylish shoes for your bridal party.

Mango Sorbet is one of our favorites from the list. We love the rich combo of Yellow and Orange. The marriage between the two colors will bring a very interesting twist to muted color palettes or for weddings that will be outdoors this Spring. One of our favorite designers Christian Siriano played with the color for his Spring 2022 collection. The folks over at feel that Mango Sorbet brings a sense of optimism and well-being. They also feel that Mango Sorbet will bring a good source of energy to not only your wedding, but to your seasonal color palettes.

Blue is one of the most popular wedding colors. To be specific, Navy Blue has reigned supreme for years as one of the top colors. This Spring, there's a new blue in town. Atlantic Blue is a color that we feel will be hugely popular in the Spring. On the Gather and Gown color swatch, cobalt blue or Mediterranean Blue would be a cool equivalent for Atlantic Blue. Thankfully, this shade of blue is very Ready-to-Wear. By choosing dresses in this color, it allows your maids the opportunity to wear their dress again for other purposes and events. This color always brings good luck to any wedding. After all, it's tradition for the bride to have "something blue" on her big day.
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