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Today Gather & Gown salutes our Tuxedo-go-to-guys at Menguin, and the conservation efforts of the International Penguin Conservation Work Group (IPCWG). In celebration of International Penguin Day, Gather & Gown is making a donation to the IPCWG for every dress purchased now through the end of April – including our tuxedo-inspired Dover Dress shown above. Get yours and SAVE 10% using coupon code PENGUIN at checkout. Gather & Gown adopted a penguin named her GiGi, and you can too! Gigi and her BFFs, live on Magdalena Island near the city of Punta Arenas in southern Chile, in the middle of the Straits of Magellan, in a protected nature reserve that is home to around 130,000 Magellanic penguins. Sadly penguins like Gigi are often the victims of oil spills and other man-made threats. Help save the penguins by donating to the IPCWG and renting your wedding day tuxedos from Menguin. GiGi is currently migrating and we’ll have a photo of her as soon as she’s rested and ready for her photo op. About Magellanic Penguins: Magellanic penguins prefer to live in burrows. This is unusual for penguins in general. Most penguins tend to live in colonies above ground. Penguins living in Antarctica and on sub-Antarctic islands can live freely above ground because there are no mammalian predators such as foxes, rats and armadillos to steal their eggs. Magellanic penguins are the only penguins in South America that breed on the mainland. As such they have developed protection against predators that other penguins lack. Unlike most other penguins, Magellanic penguins have a powerful bite that can cut a man's finger down to the bone. This is a necessary defense against predators. (Think major sale in the shoe department at Nordstrom) The other big difference for Magellan’s is their preference to lay their eggs in burrows. About the IPCWG: The International Penguin Conservation Working Group was formed in September 2000, to address mounting threats to penguin populations worldwide. The organization is made up of penguin biologists, research institutes, zoos and aquaria, and other international organizations working in the field of penguin conservation, research and education. The aim of the IPCWG is to promote penguin conservation by drawing international attention to the threats facing penguin populations. The IPCWG also acts as a focus for individuals and organizations working with penguins, in order to share ideas and information, and to provide international support for local conservation issues. About Menguin: Menguin is an online tuxedo rental company revolutionizing the tuxedo rental industry. It takes 3 hours to rent a tuxedo the traditional way from a brick and mortar store, but with Menguin, customers can rent their tuxedos online in just 10 minutes, and the tuxedo is delivered right to their door in our custom tux box the week before their event. Customers can choose from modern styles of suits and tuxedos and our fit algorithm ensures a proper fit. If a tuxedo doesn’t fit perfectly the first time for any reason, we expedite a complimentary replacement. Menguin takes the stress and time out of renting a tuxedo and delivers style seamlessly for every customer.


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